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A layer of aluminum oxide film with a certain thickness and hardness is formed electrochemically on the surface of the aluminum alloy profile. Anodizing is an electrolytic process that deposits a chemically stable oxide layer on an aluminum surface. The resulting oxide film is thicker and stronger than aluminum’s natural oxide coating, so it will not peel or flake off. Once deposited, the oxide film can be colored in a number of ways prior to sealing. The thickness of the film is graded, and the grade specification depends on the application. Advantages of anodizing: strong texture, scratch resistance, good fire resistance, UV resistance, good weather resistance, and no fading.

Electrophoretic spraying

A paint film with a certain thickness and hardness is formed electrochemically on the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy profiles. Electrophoretic coating is to immerse the conductive coated material in the electrophoretic coating tank filled with water and dilute with a relatively low concentration as the anode (or cathode), and set the corresponding cathode (or anode) in the tank. A special coating method that deposits a uniform, fine, water-insoluble coating film on the surface of the object to be coated after a period of indirect direct current. Features: The electrophoretic paint layer can completely cover the hidden places, the spraying thickness is uniform, low pollution, high utilization rate of paint, not suitable for small batch production occasions.

Powder Coating

A powder coating with a certain thickness and hardness is formed on the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy profiles by spraying process. Powder coating uses the principle of electrostatic spraying to absorb the dry powder on the metal aluminum profile, and then the powder solidifies into a layer of firm and bright coating after high-temperature roasting. Make the surface of the product smooth and uniform, with strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, crash resistance and wear resistance, and can withstand strong ultraviolet radiation and acid rain for a long time without powdering, fading and falling off of the coating. Its weather resistance and corrosion resistance are better than that of ordinary aluminum materials, and its color diversity. Features: high utilization rate of raw materials, safe storage and transportation of powder coatings, less pollution, and more color choices.

Fluorocarbon spraying

The coating based on fluorocarbon resin is sprayed on the surface of metal plates or profiles, and after heating and curing procedures, a fluorocarbon film with a certain thickness and hardness is formed. It is a widely used paint and coating product. Features: It has good mechanical properties, strong stain resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, maintenance-free, self-cleaning, surface dust can be self-cleaning through rain, excellent hydrophobicity and oil repellency , Very small coefficient of friction, no sticky dust and scaling, good anti-fouling performance. The price is more expensive.




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